Five Hobbies That Can Make You Money And How To Start

There are several money-making hobbies one can embark on this days. From taking care of animals, fishing, selling home-made stuffs, blogging etc.

In this article, i will be sharing some of the hobbies that can make you money and how you can get started.

Some of you that just enjoy cruising around, you can actually make money from it. While it’s a hobby for you, it’s really a bunch of stress for some folks who would gladly pay you for it.
There are several of these ride hailing companies you can register with. They include: Uber, Bolt, Rida, In-drive etc. Go to their website to make enquires or visit their office. For instance, Uber drivers makes around $5 to $20 per hour. Your earnings depends on how long you drive.

For those of you that enjoys driving but do not want people in your car, you can try full-service Instacart shopper where you shop and deliver groceries. Amazon Flex and Uber Eats also operate the option of delivering foods and products to homes. Get in touch and make your enquiry so you can get started.

Taking Care of Dogs
Do you like long walks within the neighbourhood, cuddling, and rubbing? You can try out Wag or Rover apps. You will easily find gigs of walk, dog sitting, etc.
Rover and Wag both have similar requirements which include being at least 18 years of age, a background check and others. After your approval, you can create a profile, set your own rates and decide which gigs to accept as they come.
Wag and Rover probably won’t be doing this for free. They take a particular percentage of earning as their gain.

Those of you that like to write or share your knowledge. You are very knowledgeable in some particular fields or you just like to give updates about a particular industry, you can try blogging. To make money from your blogging, you just need a decent traffic. And then apply for Google Adsense or other ad networks to host ads on your blog to start earning. You may also charge for banner placement.

Other ways to earn from your blog is through writing sponsored contents to promote a particular brand. Feel free to contact us for a successful career path in blogging.

Social Media Influencing
Social media influencing is a way to earn lots of money from your hobby. Just by posting and sharing on social media and people gets to love your contents, your large number of followers can be converted to a market. Companies and brands are willing to pay you to post their contents for your large number of followers to see.

Ways to get started include, contacting the brands you would like to advertise for, the brands contacting you or getting contacted by them through a third-party agency.

Sell your own products
You can make money from selling your home-produced products. Home used products such as washing soap can be produced by you and sold to your neighbours. Home made foods and snacks can be sold by you as well. flower decorations and some home made interior decors an easily be sold. Once you have the product, the next step is to create awareness and set a price. Go to your WhatsApp status to advertise your wares for free. Post on your other social media pages for free.
You also have the option of also going into ecommerce with your wares either by building your own website or paying websites like shopify, bigcommerce for an online s tore space.

While the idea of making money from your hobby sounds wonderful, also check properly if you will be able to still relax with it if it becomes a business or know the type of boundaries to set before starting any of the recommended ideas above. Here is wishing you best of luck.

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